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Frequently asked questions about straws that you can eat

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Buying straws that you can eat is easy, and the product is an interesting one from a general point of view. We’re all used to disposable plastic straws and to reusable straws to an extent, but the idea of eating a straw after you use it for a drink is pretty new. In this blog, we at Flewid Friendly want to take you over the experience of purchasing these straws, and then answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) – for example, how long the straws last in drinks and whether they’re safe for pets. These will help you make the most out of the product.


Buying the product: The process

We sell online through our website and Amazon, so you can buy the straws with just a couple clicks. We recommend our website if you have a discount code you want to use, but Amazon is equally good – and it’s convenient, since most people are familiar with the interface and know how to use it. You have the option to go to Amazon straight from our website.

Place your order with a few clicks on our secure website, and the edible straws will reach you by the stated date. Once you receive the pack, you can go ahead and open it, and your straws are now ready to use – it’s really as simple as that!


Straws that you can eat: FAQs

With the concept of edible straws being as new as it is, people have a lot of questions. Some of them have easy, simple answers, but some not so much. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, feel free to reach out to us via email.

What’s this dust inside the packet?

If you find some dust inside your pack of straws, don’t worry – it’s just dust leftover from when the straws were cut. It’s not dirt, but we would suggest dusting the straws off to avoid getting flour in your mouth.

Are the straws brittle?

Nope. They’re long, thin and hard, and you might expect such straws to be brittle, but unless you’re actively exerting force trying to break them, you’re not likely to break our edible straws.

How long do the straws last in hot drinks?

The straws are fairly thick, so they last a while in hot drinks. We tried them out in several drinks, and found that they last a minimum of 15 minutes, and if the drink is moderately hot and gradually cools off, it can sit in it for a really long time without getting soggy. So if you’re drinking some coffee while working, you don’t have to worry about the straw getting mushy before you’re done.

Do they take very long to cook?

You’d think that since they last so long in hot drinks, they’d take forever to cook. However, that’s not the case. Since cooking usually requires boiling temps, the straws get cooked pretty quickly.

How long do they last in cold drinks?

You can expect straws that you can eat to last at least two hours in cold drinks, but they can probably last longer, depending on the drink. This makes them stand out from sugar straws and other edible straws, because most other edible straws don’t last as long in drinks.

Do they taste like pasta?

They taste like nothing in drinks, but once cooked, they taste and feel exactly like pasta. Make sure you don’t overcook them, or you’ll have some very squishy pasta!

Can you drink thick drinks with them?

The straws are a bit skinny, so you might have a little trouble drinking smoothies and other thick drinks through them. However, you definitely can still use them, and they’re perfect as stirrers!

Can I give the straw to my pet?

Yes, you can! Pasta is safe for dogs, cats, rabbits and even birds as long as it’s cooked. Note, however, that we aren’t pet experts, and we would always recommend checking with your local vet before giving your pet something new.

Can you reuse these straws?

While it is possible, especially if you use them for cold drinks, we don’t recommend it. They are food, and as such shouldn’t be reused. If you want to save money, try drinking straight from the cup or glass. It’s a good idea for those who want to minimize their waste, and is a perfectly viable alternative to using edible straws.

Who should use these straws?

We recommend Flewid Friendly’s edible straws for people who regularly use plastic or other drinking straws, and are environmentally conscious individuals. You hold the power to make a difference, and you can do it just by making one teeny tiny change in your routine! Switch from plastic to pasta.

So, these were our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Get in touch with us! To buy straws that you can eat, visit this link.


Why are plastic straws a problem?

If your questions were deeper and about the need for edible straws and other such solutions, you might’ve thought we’d passed the question over – but here we are! It’s an important question that deserves a detailed answer, so we’re dedicating an entire section of the article to it.

The problem with plastic is that it’s a man-made material with long-term repercussions. These include resource depletion, pollution, waste creation, and harm to wildlife.

Plastic doesn’t decompose, meaning it doesn’t rot away the way paper, tree bark or food scraps would, if left out in the open. It stays intact for hundreds of years, which means that all the plastic we’ve discarded is still lying out there, and it’s piling up.

To add to the problem, plastic is largely unrecyclable. Many places can and do recycle plastic, but there isn’t much demand for recycled plastic, so the capacity is limited. Most brands prefer to deal with virgin (i.e., new) plastic, as opposed to recycled plastic. Only around 8% of all the plastic created till date has been recycled – and that’s simply not enough.

Enormous islands of plastic are floating around in our oceans, suffocating marine creatures. Many animals mistake it for food (plastic smells, looks and even tastes like food), and eat it or feed it to their young – which causes painful death. Plastic litters our once-pristine beaches and impacts tourism.

So, that’s your answer in a nutshell. However, the problem’s a lot more serious, and deserves more words than we have space for in this blog. If you’d like to learn more, you can read further on the subject by clicking this link.


About the product

We want to provide product information separately in this section, so those of you looking for product information can skip right ahead to this section.

Our pasta straws are 10 inches long, and just the right size for most drinks – hot or cold, thick or thin, carbonated or non-carbonated. You get 30 straws in a pack, and these are all fully edible (made of 80% rice flour and 20% cassava flour), and marine biodegradable. They’ll biodegrade completely in nature in under a month.

You can use them as a drinking straw, and then cook them and use them as noodles.

These straws are BPO free, non-GMO, and safe for pregnant and nursing women. They’re gluten-free, and perfectly okay for vegans and vegetarians.

Our straws are safe for the ocean, because they decompose in water in a month. This means that by the time they reach our marine creatures, they’ll be reduced to their basics, and become perfectly harmless. And by chance if they’re still intact and they get consumed by a marine creature, it won’t harm them, because it’s just pasta!

These straws are meant to be used a single time, so you don’t have to carry them around with you or worry about cleaning. Just use, rinse, and then toss into your next meal!

Our eco-friendly edible straws are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, using no processes or chemicals that harm the environment. The finished product (packaging included) is eco-friendly as well, and you need feel no compunction about using it.


About Flewid Friendly

We are an environmentally friendly brand that makes edible straws. Our aim is to help clean up the mess we humans have created, and to help make the Earth a better place. To this end, we make straws that you can eat that act as plastic straw alternatives, and which pose no harm to our beautiful marine wildlife.

However, edible straws alone aren’t going to solve the problem, and so we encourage you to help in whatever other ways you can. Use reusable bags instead of plastic ones, use bamboo toothbrushes, minimize resource wastage, avoid buying from brands that use plastic packaging, and try and become a low-waste household. In addition, spread the word! People need to know the problem, and how they can help.

Whenever you buy a product from us, we plant a tree for you. We have made this possible by partnering with Seed The Change. You can learn more about this here.

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