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The best alternatives to single-use plastic drinking straws

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Edible straws, Loliware, and other alternatives to plastic drinking straws

Disposable plastic straws are a huge problem for our oceans. They’re dumped out into these water bodies, where they lie for centuries. They’re often accidentally ingested by marine wildlife, which results in a slow and painful death.

Fortunately, a lot of companies and governments are starting to realize this, and are taking steps to reduce the problem. However, it’s too little, and we need individuals to take matters into their own hands and start making a change now. So today, we’ve listed some alternatives for disposable plastic straws, with pros and cons for each. You’ve probably heard of metal straws already, but there are lots of other options – edible straws, glass straws, and Loliware. A reusable cup lid is also an option – but that’s a topic for another day.

Reusable options

All the options listed below can be reused for months – possibly even years. They’re affordable, and perfect for individuals who don’t mind carrying the straw home and cleaning it afterwards.

1. Metal

These are excellent if you want quality and longevity. They’re quite popular these days, so they’ll be easy to find online. The only real downside is that metal can feel uncomfortable clanking against your teeth.

2. Hard plastic

If you’ve used reusable plastic water bottles and like them, a hard plastic straw may be exactly what you need. These can be reused for years, till they break. The only issue here is that you’re using plastic. It’s still a step ahead, but some people want to distance themselves from plastic altogether. Loliware looks like plastic, but don’t be fooled!

3. Silicone

Perfect for those with sensitive teeth, silicone straws are rigid, yet soft (unlike metal). No uncomfortable clanking! They can be a little more difficult to clean, however, so you’ll have to be patient. And there’s also the fact that silicone is a synthetic material, just like plastic.

4. Glass

Arguably the best option in terms of appearance and usability, and they’re easy to clean too. Glass is transparent, which is good because you can get every speck of dirt out. On the other hand, glass is brittle – you might not want to carry around a straw that can shatter in your purse.

5. Bamboo

These are perfectly eco-friendly. You can reuse them quite a number of times, and once you throw them out, they’ll decompose. These can be a little expensive, and some people have complained that bamboo absorbs flavors over time.

6. Others

Loliware makes straws with a seaweed-based material, which is completely natural while being reusable and long-lasting. There are many other companies that produce similar items – Mosaic Wellness, Evright, and Texton.

These all have their own pros and cons, so you’ll have to decide for yourself which is the best fit for you. Generally, the pros of reusable straws are that you create less waste and you save money. However, there are some downsides – one of the main ones is that if you use it outside your home, you’ll have to find a way to rinse it in order to bring it back with you.

Single-use options

In some situations, a reusable straw just won’t work. If you have a coffee shop, for instance, or if you know you’re too impatient to clean them (and will end up throwing them away after a few uses). Below are some compostable options that won’t hurt our marine life, so you can put them in the trashcan without guilt.

1. Edible straws

Our edible straws are the perfect example. You use them, and then you can throw them away, compost them, or eat them. The ones we sell are like pasta, but you can expect them to last over an hour without getting soggy and unusable. Our straws are gluten free, so they’re ok for everyone!

2. Paper

A good option for businesses, since these are pretty simple to use. The only complaint people have with these is that they get soft too quickly. You might want to trial a couple different options before placing your order, just to make sure the product will be usable.

3. Straw straws

It’s a novel idea, and one we find pretty interesting! If you find good quality ones, they should work fine. However, be careful when looking for options, because you want to be sure it’s from a trustworthy company.

Single-use options are pretty cheap, so they’re ideal if you want them for a specific occasion or purpose. You’re going to be the one using them, so be honest with yourself when deciding what your needs are – whether it’s edible straws, a glass straw, or Loliware. We all need to get environmentally conscious to save our beautiful planet, but wanting an option that works with your current lifestyle is perfectly fine.



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