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Eco-friendly mother’s day gifts – rice straws, silk pillowcases and more

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Choosing a gift for loved ones can be especially hard, because you want them to really like what you give them. An easy way out of this conundrum is to find out what they need, and give them that – if they’re getting use out of something, that means it’s providing value. However, when you want to maintain an element of surprise, that isn’t a possibility. Instead, go for something safe which everyone can use – like our rice straws!

In this blog, we’ll list some wonderful eco-friendly gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day. It’s coming soon, so place your order ASAP!

  1. Silk pillowcase

We spend a third of our life in bed. So, gift your mom a luscious silk pillowcase that’ll help her sleep well. Silk feels great on the skin and hair, is hypoallergenic, and it can reduce some signs of aging due to its ultra-smooth texture. It doesn’t absorb your skin’s moisture or beauty products applied overnight, so your mother will have beautiful, radiant skin – and she’ll thank you for it!

Fait avec Coeur is an environmentally-conscious brand that makes gorgeous products out of sustainably produced silk, so you can send her this gift without worrying about its effect on the environment. While there are many other brands out there that promise the same, Fait avec Coeur is one of the few that actually delivers it. They also have minimalistic packaging with no plastic in it.

  1. Handcrafted bird feeder

Does your mom like watching birds? If yes, she’ll love this gift, and if no, she’s missing out on a truly wonderful experience! Bring the neighborhood birds to her home with a beautiful, handcrafted bird feeder. These are easy to use and clean, appealing to birds, and they look charming placed outside a home.

Blue jays, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, cardinals – there are so many beautiful little birds in America, and they deserve all the love they can get. So, gift your mom a lovely little bird feeder and help her set it up. Then she’ll have a wonderful new hobby, and you’ll have helped enrich her life by adding lovely new feathered friends to it.

You can also try out birdhouses, birdbaths or squirrel feeders, depending on your mom’s preferences and the layout of her property.

  1. Rice straws

If you already have something in mind but want an additional item to provide the coup de grace, go for our edible straws. They’re completely eco-friendly, ocean safe, and simple to use. All you need to do is use them like normal, and then toss them into your next meal, in which they’ll get cooked and become noodles!

Get your mother a couple packs of our edible rice straws, so she can drink her favorite beverages without feeling guilty about using plastic. Our product is durable, comfortable and serves two purposes, so she’s sure to get some use out of them! Buy a pack here. We have discounts and sales often, so bookmark our website and check back regularly to get a neat little discount.

  1. Waxed amaryllis bulb

Does your mom love flowers? Does she hate gardening? If you answered yes to both questions, then we’ve got the perfect gift for her – a waxed Amaryllis bulb! These are bulbs that come encased in a wax shield, with all the moisture and nutrients they’ll need contained inside the wax covering. All you need to do is put the bulb face-upwards in a sunny spot, and when it’s time, they’ll push out fresh new growth and then burst into glorious bloom.

They’ll do all of this without any water or extra care. You don’t have to plant them, fertilize them, nothing. Just put them in a nice spot and enjoy the blooms. Amaryllis is a beautiful plant that produces graceful leaves and gorgeous, attention-catching blooms, so your mother is sure to enjoy this gift.

  1. Reusable water bottle

This Mother’s Day, be a model son or daughter and encourage your mom to build healthy habits by gifting her a reusable water bottle. Not only will it reduce the amount of washing-up she has to do and the amount of plastic she uses, but it’ll also be a pleasant way to remind her to drink more water.

This water bottle by Contigo Jackson is our favorite, although this set of bottles by Simple Modern comes a close second. They’re different types and in different price ranges, so you can take your pick. One comes with a removable lid, while the other comes with a push-button lid.

Pair these bottles with our edible rice straws for a well-rounded gift that helps your mother enjoy water and refreshing beverages without hurting the environment or making more work for herself.

  1. Shampoo bars

Shampoo comes in plastic bottles that often can’t be recycled, and the shampoo itself is runny and liquid. This year, gift your mom something novel and eco-friendly in the form of a shampoo bar. These are bars of shampoo, as the name implies, and they come without any packaging! Lush has hit the ball out of the park with this one, and shampoo bars are proving to be an enormous hit. They last in showers, they’re easy to use, they smell spectacular, and they are completely eco-friendly.

You can gift her a number of different bars, so she can try them out and decide which she likes best. Not only is it a useful gift, but it’s a nice one, too – which is a difficult combination to get. And if it prompts your mum to switch to shampoo bars, that’s a win for the eco-friendly movement!

  1. Convertible tote

What’s better than a useful gift? A gift which can be put to multiple uses! Just like our edible straws, the ANDI tote bag can be used multiple ways – as a cross body, shoulder bag, backpack, and gym bag (among others). It comes with a clutch, wristlet, and cross-body snap, and the lining on the bag is made from recycled water bottles.

If there’s one thing you can’t get enough of, it’s bags. You need them all the time, while going anywhere – to work, on walks, to a party, to meet a friend, or while running errands. Get your mom this convertible tote bag, and she’ll love it for years to come. You can get it in various colors, sizes and price ranges.

  1. Tree sapling

If your mom loves her garden, add to its beauty by gifting her a lovely little tree! You can get something that provides shade and color like a redbud, maple or magnolia, or something that’ll bear fruit, like this Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree. While fresh lemons are nice, there’s nothing like a refreshing mojito made from your own tree’s lemons!

You can go through your local garden center and find something that looks perfect, or you can purchase a tree online – just keep your hardiness zone in mind if buying online. Help her plant the tree outside, and come by to give it a seasonal prune if your mom isn’t too crazy about gardening. Other than these little things, trees can pretty much care for themselves, and they’ll provide years of joy.

  1. Sodastream soda maker

If your mom likes soda water, this’ll be the perfect gift for her. It’s cheaper in the long run, it cuts back on her use of plastic, and a new Sodastream machine comes with a stylish bottle, and soda flavors. If she doesn’t like soda water but doesn’t drink enough water, this might be a good way to encourage her to develop a healthy habit.

Drinking soda water has a bunch of benefits. It can relieve constipation and stomach ache, reduce the risk of heart disease, and it may be a better way to stay hydrated. Plus, when you make the soda water at home, you know there are no preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavors in it. Soda water usually doesn’t have any nutrients, but it tastes nice, and the carbonic acid content makes it healthy.

These were some of our favorite eco-friendly gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day. Choose something that you think your mother will truly like, and you’ll feel great knowing you’ve given her something useful without hurting the Earth.


Buy rice straws for a greener Earth!

Rice straws make an excellent gift for any occasion, you can use them in multiple ways, and now for each pack you purchase, we plant a tree! Flewid Friendly has partnered with Seed The Change to make this possible. Buy a pack by clicking this link.

Deforestation is carrying on at an alarming rate, and if this continues, we will be battered with wildfires, species extinction, desertification, climate change and other phenomena that will make our life as a species miserable. Our beautiful, unique Earth has given us life, and the things we’re doing to it are horrible. Let’s team up and do what we can to reverse the effects of human actions on the Earth. By stopping our use of plastic and planting trees, we’ll take two big steps in the right direction. With time, we’ll figure out ways to help more.

If you want to help the environment but don’t know where to start, visit our blog for ideas. We post blogs twice monthly, and we share lots of tips, tricks and information that helps you understand environmental concerns and how to battle them.

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