Multi-use household items: toothpaste, biodegradable edible straws, tea and more!

Our biodegradable edible straws have two uses – they can be used as a straw, and as noodles. This is one of the things that makes them stand out from practically all other straws, because generally, straws can just be used as straws and stirrers, unless we’re talking about sugar straws, which isn’t a particularly popular option.

Can plastic eating bacteria solve our problems?

There’s a plastic island twice the size of Texas floating around in our oceans. Who knows, perhaps it’s even bigger now. Our beaches are littered with plastic, and our landfills are chock full of the stuff. We’re doing everything we can to try and control the problem, but not everyone can say the same, and so the amount of plastic waste continues to grow. When you buy edible straws online, can you fix this problem?

Rice straws + 10 more tips to go green

Becoming eco-friendly isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s partly because there’s no way to be completely eco-friendly. It’s kind of a relative term. What it requires is little steps taken towards achieving a single goal – or you could make it two goals, namely, simplifying your life and reducing your impact on the environment. In today’s blog, the team at Flewid Friendly will take you over ways to become more eco-friendly. It’s been a while since we did a list article, so we figured why not now? Of course, your favorite rice straws (currently sold out) will make an appearance!

Your favorite edible straws, now with better packaging – and other news!

Love our edible straws, and wish you could support the company in more ways? We hear you loud and clear, and we’re planning on introducing new products to our range that will help you become that little bit more eco-friendly. We’re also a company that constantly works on improving our products, and the next update will be in package design. Continue reading to learn more.

Are edible rice straws good for the environment?

If you’ve decided to ditch plastic straws and switch to eco-friendly disposable straws, then great decision! Edible rice straws and other biodegradable disposable straws are excellent alternatives to plastic that work exactly the same.

Houseplants are bad the environment: Here’s how

Here’s a question for you, reader – is having lots of houseplants an effective way to become more environmentally friendly? We are Flewid Friendly, an environmentally conscious brand that sells edible straws. If you’re planning to buy sugar straws, we recommend giving our straws a look first, because they contain fewer calories and are generally a lot better for you!

Are biodegradable edible straws better than plastic ones?

Need a quick answer? Yes, they are! Our biodegradable edible straws are much, much better than plastic straws. In fact, edible straws are even better than most other eco-friendly straws – reusable or disposable. We wrote an article in the past discussing why sugar straws are better than plastic ones, but in this article, we want to discuss our edible, non-flavored straws.

What is overtourism, and how does it affect the environment?

At Flewid Friendly, our goal isn’t just to sell our product. We’re all a group of environmentalists who want to spread awareness and do what we can to help. In our past blogs, we’ve educated our readers on a variety of subjects. And we’ve partnered with Seed The Change, so when you buy rice straws from us, a small portion of the proceeds goes towards planting a tree.

Sustainability in the office – office supplies, going digital, and edible rice straws

Sometimes people say, “It’s the little things that count”. That’s not always true when it comes to sustainability, because if you want to make an impact, you want to start (and stick) with the big things. However, in a place like an office, where supplies are consumed steadily, the little things do add up. So if you’ve been providing plastic straws to your staff, you might want to switch to edible rice straws instead. And here are some other tips for turning your office into a sustainable, Earth-friendly space.

The environmental impact of paper

Have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact of paper? After all, paper is a biodegradable product made from natural ingredients, right? Sadly, the environmental impact of paper is severe, yet not something many people stop to think about. There’s a Wikipedia page dedicated to the “Environmental impact of paper”. That should give you an idea of how serious the problem is.