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11 ways to make better use of natural resources: Loliware alternative

loliware alternative straws
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11 ways to make better use of natural resources: Loliware alternative


Mother Nature has given us a lot of gifts in the form of natural resources. We usually think of sunlight, air and water when we think of natural resources. Sure, they’re essential to life and all that, but they’re not exactly gifts, are they? There isn’t much you can use them for except survival. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Flewid Friendly is an environmentally-friendly company that makes edible Loliware-alternative straws, and in this blog we’ll take you through 11 wonderful ways in which you can use natural resources.

First, let’s get a clear idea of what exactly counts as a ‘natural resource’. The term includes air, water, sunlight, land, and all vegetation and animal life.

Now let’s look at some incredible ways to use them!


Let the wind in

It’s winter, so cooling off isn’t on anyone’s mind. However, come summer, you’ll be craving some cool blessed wind. While the AC is a reliable, constant source of cool air, try and resist using it. The AC not only gobbles up electricity, it also releases harmful gases into the air – gases that hurt our hardworking ozone layer and makes us more vulnerable to UV radiation.

Instead, leave all your windows open if the day’s forecasted as windy or breezy. Let the air flow in and cool your home. It’s good enough for mild summer days. If you’ve just taken a shower, it’ll work especially well as the wind feels delightfully cool on moist skin. It’ll also help you dry off, so that’s a win-win!


Soak in the sunlight

Sunlight is good for you. It feels good, it gives your body some necessary vitamin D, and it gives your skin a beautiful tan. It’s necessary to sunbathe in moderation, because you don’t want to get sunburned or develop other skin problems, but roughly 15 minutes of sunlight per day is essential. So soak in this free resource and help your health along, without moving a finger!

Vitamin D is essential for good bone health, and it also helps fight depression. And the luxury of sleeping in a sunny patch on your lawn…oh, it’s an incomparable feeling. Hang out outside with your family, or if you live in an apartment, exercise on your balcony or go for a leisurely walk.


Use the sun to battle mold

Mold, mildew, fungus – they’re all unpleasant, and they’re all common problems we deal with. If you have a sunny home but you keep the windows and curtains closed, you might unwittingly be doing yourself and your home a lot of damage! Sun your damp or moldy furniture (and other belongings), and in a few sunny days they’ll be as good as new. Do this in the summer for best results.

Speaking of battles, use our Loliware-alternative straws to battle the war we’re waging against plastic pollution. Plastic has had its run – now we (and other companies such as Loliware) are taking the problem by the horns and giving our marine animals the life they deserve.


Breathe in better air

As you probably know, the air today isn’t quite what it used to be. Vehicular exhaust and carbon dioxide emissions have combined together to form a suffocating veil that smothers us all day, every day. Your lungs don’t like this, and you can see the effect in large cities – people living in polluted ‘downtown’ areas often have a lot more breathing problems.

So, breathe better air. Surround yourself with plants that purify the air – both inside and outside your home. Make it a habit to spend some time at your local park, or to walk to the outskirts of town where there’s less pollution. If you have land, plant it with trees and shrubs so they can help undo the problem a little bit.


Use water for cleaning where possible

Instead of using man-made cleaning agents such as cleaning solutions and wipes, use water where possible – to wash your face, to wipe the kitchen countertop, to clean your electronics, or even in the bathroom (in a bidet).

Artificial cleaning agents cost us dearly by causing deforestation and plastic pollution. Millions of trees are cut down every year for toilet paper. Similarly, millions of bottles of cleaning solution and detergent are tossed into the dumpsters yearly. Do your part for the environment and cut down on your household costs by using plain old water instead. Water’s effective, it’s 100% natural, and it’s way cheaper than cleaning agents, even though you may have to pay a water bill.


Use water for cooling

Water has been used for heating and cooling for centuries, so why not apply the same principles inside your home? Use water to cool food, to mist plants or pets with, and take a refreshing cold bath before going to bed, instead of using the AC.

At our eco-friendly company, we’re all about using natural resources efficiently. Buy our Loliware-alternative edible straws for something that won’t end up in a landfill – you can eat it, feed it to your pets, or compost it after use. And if the straw does end up in the trash, it’ll biodegrade before it causes any trouble.


Grow your own food

Make use of the wonderful natural resource that is soil, and use it to grow your own food! You can easily grow herbs, greens and some fruit such as tomatoes and lemons in your home. That not only gives you fresh produce, it gives you the satisfaction of having something you’ve grown yourself right in front of you.

Growing food is very satisfying, and can be a productive hobby once you get into it. The costs are almost non-existent, so get started today! Bring home a plant, pot it up, and lay down some nice mulch. Take care of your new baby, and in a few months it’ll reward you with fresh fruit. If your home isn’t very sunny, herbs and greens are the way to go.


Encourage wildlife into your garden

Create a self-sustaining, joyful garden by encouraging local wildlife into it. This includes birds, small animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels, frogs, and the occasional friendly cat (if you’re okay with them pooping in your garden). They will find places to hide and live happily in your garden, and they’ll turn and fertilize the soil, eat pests, and be a joy to observe.

To make a wildlife-attracting garden, make sure the critters can get in. Then, leave your plants slightly wild, so they have places to hide. Grass can be left long, for instance, fallen leaves left on the ground, and plants allowed to flower (so butterflies get interested!). A small pond will attract frogs, toads and even birds who want to have a drink and a bath.


Feed the local wildlife

Instead of throwing away food scraps and letting them go to waste, feed them to the animals that live around you. No, we don’t mean your neighbor’s dog, we mean the squirrels, robins and blue jays hanging out in your backyard. Put leftovers, cooked food, and even fruit peels on a plate or some other flat surface in a place that’s away from humans, and visible to the wildlife. Soon, you’ll have them thronging to your makeshift feeder!

The critters will drop a lot of food, but that’s okay too! Ground feeders such as doves and little animals can take care of dropped scraps. Most of the time, wildlife is pretty good at taking care of food offerings, so to speak. If there are stray dogs and cats in your area that you’d like to feed, give them leftovers instead of fancy store-bought food.


Compost your biodegradable waste

Plastic-free straws such as those made by us or Loliware can go straight into your compost heap. Peels, cardboard, newspaper, weeds, plant trimmings and other biodegradable waste can also be composted. As long as it’s completely biodegradable, you can toss it onto the compost pile. Have rabbits or pet birds? Their bedding is perfect material for the pile.

You might not want to compost outside your home because compost piles aren’t the prettiest thing, but it provides a good way to reuse waste materials, you get free fertilizer, wild animals and bees get a home, and you don’t have to pay to get rid of your waste! Plus, you can always make it a sheltered structure, and drape vines over it. No more ugly compost pile!


Enjoy the wonders of nature

We live in a world where we’re surrounded by man-made objects, so some of us have started to forget how beautiful and interesting nature can be. So, instead of wasting your time commenting on social media or going to music venues, look to nature for hobbies and interests. There’s a lot to do and learn!

From gardening to stargazing to kayaking, nature provides an extraordinary number of things to do with which you can occupy your mind and your time. There’s loads of things to learn, and it’s all (mostly) free! Create a garden, make friends with the local birds, watch the stars at night, go for a swim in a lake, observe the clouds drift past, go rafting in a river…the choices are literally endless.


Want edible straws instead of reusable ones like Loliware? Buy our straws today! Edible straws are better than Loliware and similar products because you don’t have to worry about cleaning them – which can sometimes be an annoying process. Our straws are completely edible – just put them in your next meal and use them as noodles!

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