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Buy eco-friendly, biodegradable pasta straws in bulk at wholesale prices!

While the media often discusses issues of global warming and its disastrous effects on the environment, today’s news organizations rarely acknowledge the catastrophic events surrounding plastic drinking straws.  Their failure to do so is somewhat understandable because these little, plastic stir sticks can be so easily overlooked – except if you happen to be one of our beautiful sea creatures or smaller forest animals.

While we often think of plastic as being non-biodegradable, it does indeed “degrade” or “decompose” into smaller pieces over time.  And it’s these smaller pieces of toxic plastic that can easily be mistaken for food by wildlife, fish, and marine animals.  For example, plastic drinking straws are becoming a particularly deadly problem over the past few years for tens of thousands of seabirds and sea turtles who accidentally ingest these smaller straw fragments unknowingly.


Promote environmental awareness. Buy eco-friendly pasta straws for your business, office, restaurant, or hotel. Buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

Spreading the word about your concerns for the planet does not automatically mean that you need to join a picket line or attend a protest.  Sometimes the more subtle approach works best.

Instead of consistently ordering those little, red stir sticks for your employees and customers to use with their coffee, consider replacing them with Flewid Friendly’s edible straws. You’ll be promoting eco-friendliness, and you might also begin to change people’s minds. Who knows – perhaps you might even help change the world…one edible drinking straw at a time.

  • Made of edible pasta
  • Each edible pasta straw is 10-inch long
  • 30 pasta straws per box
  • Last for about an hour in any beverage
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% GMO-free
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Made from all-natural rice flour and cassava flour
  • Fun, fashionable design
  • Great for kids AND pets
  • Save the oceans, one pasta straw at a time.
  • #SaveTheTurtles

With 30 pasta straws per package, our edible drinking straws are about 10-inches long. They’re prepared from all-natural foods – 80% rice flour and 20% cassava flour. Their wheat-like color and sturdy design make them a fashionable accessory to any office cafeteria or break room. Our edible pasta straws are also terrific conversation starters when interacting with customers, clients, suppliers, and even competitors.

For restaurants, hotels, and other high-volume eateries, their edible design and fun shape make them the perfect, eco-friendly alternative for children, too.  In fact, Flewid Friendly pasta straws are even pet-friendly. So, you don’t need to be afraid if an employee tends to bring little Fido to the office every now and then. Instead of throwing your pooch a rawhide bone (which is very unhealthy for your pets, by the way), toss the pooch a tasty pasta straw. They’ll love it!

All Flewid Friendly products are 100% biodegradable, all-natural, and manufactured without GMOs, BPAs, or microplastics. Our edible pasta straws are robust enough to be used in thick milkshakes and smoothies, acidic juices, and of course, in coffees, teas, soft drinks, and sparkling and non-sparkling water. Their durable design allows each straw to last for about an hour – which means that they won’t get soggy or waterlogged midway through the beverage. Just drink, and then eat or toss.

Restaurants, hotels, entire cities, and even the Chicago White Sox are switching to biodegradable drinking straws.

Proponents of the movement towards eco-friendly drinking straws often have difficulty finding support within their individual communities.  Opponents of the movement often argue that the edible or biodegradable varieties lack the structural stability to allow them to be user-friendly.  Others contend that plastic straw bans could be detrimental for people with disabilities.

Metal straws, some might say, can be extremely risky for those living with neurological conditions.  Paper straws disintegrate seemingly right before your very eyes.  Yet, even the naysayers usually acknowledge the urgent need for a more environmentally-friendly drinking straw.

On July 1, 2018, Seattle, Washington, became the very first city in America to ban the use of plastic straws, stir sticks, and other utensils.  Soon thereafter, the McDonald’s restaurant chain joined in the fun.  By June of the same year, the fast-food giant announced that over 1300 of its stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland would immediately be transitioning to biodegradable straws. They also announced a new companywide goal:  to be 100% free from plastic straws and utensils by the year 2025.

Starbucks also jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon.  In July of 2018, the coffee house franchise announced its global commitment to ban the use of plastic straws by 2020 with additional plans to also ban those toxic plastic lids.

And in April of 2018, the Chicago White Sox became the first Major League Baseball team to stop serving non-recyclable drinking straws with its beverages sold at home games. Other major businesses that are either banning plastic straws or offering a secondary biodegradable option include the following restaurants, hotels, and establishments.

Won’t you help save our planet one pasta straw at a time?

By transitioning to Flewid Friendly’s edible pasta straws, local businesses, office buildings, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and even hotels can help spread the word.  Even offering our 100% all-natural drinking straws as a secondary option to the traditionally toxic plastic varieties sends a very positive message.

At Flewid Friendly, we make the transition to eco-friendly drinking much easier and less expensive.  We now offer our complete line of edible pasta straws at wholesale prices when ordering in bulk.


If you are interested in buying a wholesale amount of our wheat or cane straws or want to partner with us, feel free to contact us through email – contact@flewidfriendly.com.


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